March 17, 2004
ERSP 3.0

evolution's scorpion bot

Yesterday at Evolution we shipped ERSP 3.0. And a new robot. Phew.

Posted by jjwiseman at March 17, 2004 03:44 PM

Sweet! I'm glad to see Evo is updating the hobbyist kit. I like that it's using the path planning & landmark recognition code you'd talked about before.

Posted by: Michael Hannemann on March 17, 2004 08:45 PM

Well, it's not actually a hobbyist product. Note that the Scorpion bot is only available with the purchase of the ERSP 3.0, and that the price of ERSP 3.0 isn't listed...

Posted by: John Wiseman on March 18, 2004 10:49 AM

it's a pity that an hobbyst can not access also to this product, have to stay with a very limited python sdk. Hope becomes available in p2p :P
internet forever

Posted by: dragon on February 5, 2005 07:12 AM
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