April 01, 2004

fannypack on stage

Fannypack did their thing at the Knitting Factory two nights ago. This native Brooklyn-ite found it entertaining, but not quite the blowout experience he was hoping for.

The previous “vocal focal point” of the group, Belinda, has apparently quit and is trying to go solo. So the night I saw them they had a new girl, 16 years old and cute and all, but it was only her second time ever on stage and she lacked Fannypack-level confidence and attitude. And their manager/DJ was a dork. A creepy Svengali dork who kept talking about “[his] girls, [his] favorite girls.”

He writes their songs by trying to imagine what a 17 year old Brooklyn girl's life might be like and what she might say, and if he's kind of dorky and creepy at least he has a slightly funny quote in this article: “I don't want to write songs that are written from my point of view, because if I was to write songs about my life it would be, 'Me and my girlfriend watched four hours of Law & Order on Saturday night,'”

I did kind of love one of the opening acts though, Explogasm. They were dorks, but they weren't trying to be serious.

Posted by jjwiseman at April 01, 2004 12:17 PM
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