September 15, 2004

newlisp screenshot

newLISP is a Lisp-like scripting language with most of the stuff that people expect in a modern programming language already built-in, plus a little more:

  • Shared library import
  • TCP/IP and UDP
  • Perl-style regular expressions
  • XML parsing
  • Tcl/Tk front end
  • mysql, SQLite and ODBC
  • CGI, SMTP, POP and FTP
  • matrix and statistics functions

Paul Graham's comment on newLisp, over at Lambda the Ultimate: “[If] I'm going to be beaten to the punch by another Lisp dialect, can we make it Goo?”

Posted by jjwiseman at September 15, 2004 11:41 AM

NewLisp is cool! It brings some fresh air to the lisp comunity which is stuck with staring at the Common Lisp standard.

Posted by: klaus on September 15, 2004 01:43 PM

Why isn't it compared with CLISP, which can be used for scripting, too? And I can use a Common Lisp book and learn how to program it.

Any comparing benchmarks between newLisp and CLISP?

Posted by: Stefan Scholl on September 15, 2004 01:58 PM

Can anybody comment on Goo and how it compares to CL?

Posted by: Ash on September 15, 2004 09:35 PM
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