November 29, 2004

BBN Tenex Lisp Reference

Bitsavers' PDF archive of retro computing documents [via LtU] includes a significant amount of Lisp-related arcana. There's a large collection of TI Explorer and microExplorer manuals, a few from Symbolics, a couple LMI books, some CADR manuals (including a ZMail manual), a PDP-1 Lisp manual, a BBN Tenex Lisp reference and some Interlisp manuals (check out the Interlisp Users' Group newsletters).

In true retro pre-web style, the document index, which contains the mapping from filenames like “2533592-0001_8M_mem_Aug85.pdf” to descriptions like “Explorer Memory General Description (Aug 1985)” is kept completely separate from the archive. Hey guys, you might be taking this pre-HTML worldview a little too far.

Posted by jjwiseman at November 29, 2004 10:52 AM
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