January 07, 2005
Mythic TV

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Last night Dave and Kim and I went to Flor y Canto to see the Perpetual Motion Roadshow, which is a DIY performance tour circuit thing. Currently on tour are Stephen Notley of Bob the Angry Flower, a chicago zinemaker (Christa Donner) and a Canadian rapper (“More or Les”).

Stephen Notley's performance/reading of several Bob cartoons was the best part of the show. He's an intense little freak of a man, and he really got into the voices and the gestures.

Afterward I dropped Dave and Kim off at the train station and headed over to Neck's. I joined him and Lori in some cocktails, which were already in progress, along with a game of Scrabble (the next morning Lori asked me "What's that term for when someone pretends not to be really good at something and lures you into competing at that thing? Neck totally did that."--But she won). We ended up watching an early entry in Steven Seagal's ouevre and Starship Troopers on the Myth TV Neck just built, both of which certainly contained scenes requiring rewinding and multiple viewings. As compelling an argument for the PVR setup as I need.

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