April 14, 2005
DARPA Grand Challenge Application Videos Vol. 1

I've created a collection of 24 videos sent to DARPA as part of the Grand Challenge team application process. This is just a subset of the more than one hundred videos submitted to DARPA. I culled most of them from the links at http://cimar.mae.ufl.edu/teamcimar/gallery/The%20Players/The%20Competition%20Web.htm

To download the collection, which is almost exactly 1 GB in size, you must use BitTorrent. I don't have much experience in configuring trackers and all that, but try the following link:

DARPA GC 2005 Official Application Videos Vol. 1.torrent

Please email me if you have any trouble.

Here is a complete list of the videos you'll be downloading:

   Size      Filename
   --------  ----------------------------------------
   52453380  autonomous-ingenuity.mpg
   93364376  axion-racing.mpg
   68269824  cimar.mpg
   10203450  cyberrider.wmv
   45778432  desert-buckeyes.avi
   12649932  g-cart.wmv
   39095921  indy-robot-racing-team.mov
    5590676  mojavaton.wmv
    1930055  r-junk-works.wmv
   51095468  red-team-too.mpg
   10303546  red-team.wmv
   46525912  team-aggie-spirit.mpg
   40789836  team-cajunbot-ii.avi
   69071052  team-cajunbot.avi
  235073536  team-caltech.mpg
   10669277  team-cart.wmv
   56989660  team-manticore-mit.avi
   17918342  team-overbot.mov
   38940676  team-robo-monster.mpg
   19969082  team-tmt.wmv
   63143569  team-umass-dartmouth.wmv
    8603336  the-prodigies.mpg
   54260818  virginia-tech-grand-challenge-team.wmv
   26868802  virginia-tech-team-rocky.wmv
Posted by jjwiseman at April 14, 2005 11:05 AM
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