April 15, 2005
The Lisp Gambit

el sismo
“El Sismo”, first in a series of Mexican giant robot and monster collectible trading cards by Howell Golson

Franz has an alpha version of the IDE that's been part of ACL on Windows for years now available for x86 Linux.

The purpose of this early release is to allow CG/IDE users on Windows to test their programs on Linux. We do not expect applications to come up immediately, or to work wholly as expected. But we do hope for feedback that will allow us to distinguish between minor problems and major ones, allow us to focus our future efforts most productively, and allow us to be confident that we are on the correct development path.

I would have posted a screenshot, but I was a little frightened by the license.

Jatha is a Java implementation of a subset of Common Lisp.

The API allows programmatic access to LISP from Java, either using an eval() method or using Java methods, e.g.

  LispValue firstElement = myList.car();

Additional LISP primitives can be written in Java and registered at runtime to be used in the LISP interpreter. The LISP engine compiles the input forms to an abstract machine code specified in Kogge's book The Architecture of Symbolic Machines [Computers?].

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