August 30, 2005
darcs trackdown

Oscar Ruiz is a helicopter pilot in Mexico City, and a photographer. Also see this, this and this. Via things magazine.

In the realm of source code repository visualizations, Christian Neukirchen graphs the size of a darcs project over time in terms of lines of code.

The idea behind darcs trackdown is cool, I wish I'd thought of it.

The following projects all, weirdly, generate graphs of the number of lines of code over a project's lifetime (some do a little more than that): statcvs, cvsplot, bloof. From Matt Doar's comment on a previous post.

Posted by jjwiseman at August 30, 2005 12:08 PM

Amazing photos. The captions are more readable (if you don't know spanish) here:

Posted by: Kevin Layer on September 5, 2005 03:48 AM
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