August 26, 2005

tabedit screenshot
This lisp porn is practically medieval.

TabEdit is a Climacs-based lute tablature editor, developed as part of the Electronic Corpus of Lute Music (ECOLM) project at City University London's Centre for Computational Creativity.

This poster gives an overview of TabEdit and the system it fits into.

The TabEdit application is fundamentally a text editor, augmented by syntax analysis facilities. As in other text editors such as Emacs or Notepad, the user types in text: there is no constraint that the contents must always be syntactically valid. However, the text buffer is incrementally parsed at each keystroke (in constant time for the typical case), and any syntax errors are presented to the user.

The implementation “uses climacs to parse a textual representation of tablature and display the graphical output, which is mouse-sensitive (thanks to mcclim) and provides easy commands for interaction with the textual encoding”, according to Christophe Rhodes. The implementation is discussed further in “Syntax Analysis in the Climacs Text Editor” by Christophe Rhodes, Robert Strandh and Brian Mastenbrook.

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