October 07, 2005
Seibel's Markup

Peter Seibel has released the text processing code that he used when writing Practical Common Lisp to turn his homegrown TeX/Markdown-style markup into HTML and PDF.

Using CL-PDF and CL-TYPESETTING, he's able to turn something like this

* A Sample

Here is a paragraph. Here's a sentence with some \i{formatting} in
it. And another sentence.

And this is another paragraph.

into this intermediate form:

((:H1 "A Sample")
 (:P "Here is a paragraph. Here's a sentence with some "
  (:I "formatting") " in" #\Newline "it. And another sentence.")
 (:P "And this is another paragraph." #\Newline))

And from there it can be rendered as PDF or HTML.

You've already seen the HTML output if you clicked on the “text processing code” link above; There's also a PDF version of that page.

Seeing Peter's invoice generator makes me think it wouldn't be too difficult to create a better Blinksale that included PDF output...

Posted by jjwiseman at October 07, 2005 10:56 AM
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