April 21, 2006
Army's UAV Field Manual

The Army's new manual for UAV systems has some interesting little bits of info.

uav operations terminology

Switch polarity? It really is like a video game.

uav high density urban operations

The bigger UAVs actually have UHF/VHF radios on board, so even while you're flying it from your bunker in Nebraska you can talk to the air traffic controller as you land at Baghdad International Airport.

uav loss of link recovery operations

“Did you try pressing ‘autoland’? Try it again. OK, this time hold the remote higher—yep, over your head, that's right.”

uav recovery markings

Any multi-national force headquarters?

uav recovery kit checklist

“My final offer is two Kit Kats and a Watchamacallit for the flying robotic death machine. Nope, sorry kid, but they don't make Bar None anymore.” Actually this would make a good kite recovery kit, too.

Posted by jjwiseman at April 21, 2006 02:49 PM
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