November 14, 2006
Energid's Robot Bridges

renaissance cathedral voltron doing kind of a beck dance thing

The company I'm currently contracting for, Energid, made Robot Gossip:

Four of the gates at Denver International Airport are now using robot bridges move passengers on and off the planes. The passenger bridges made by Dewbridge are smart enough to find the doors of the planes and dock without help from any people. These passenger tunnels are also double-armed to allow opening both front and rear doors of the planes.

The bridges use Energid Technologies' vision system and object recognition technology to find the doors on the planes. The vision system is supposed to work in any kind of weather including rain and snow and to be able to recognize the doors regardless of the color or patterns painted on the plane.

And it looks like Evolution Robotics is working on a Roomba competitor, for real.

Evolution Robotics Retail, on the other hand, has what seems to be a non sequitur on their front page:

lanehawk faq 3: what if the item is not in lanehawk's database

I understand what they're getting at, but that's not really an answer to the question.

Posted by jjwiseman at November 14, 2006 11:43 PM
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