May 24, 2007

RID report screenshot

I fancied up the RID code a little to generate HTML and to list the words in each category, improve tokenization, and make it easy to use different dictionaries or add exclusion lists from the command line: The new

Then I analyzed 100 days worth of logs from #lisp and #ruby-lang:

16:~/src/RID wiseman$ ./ lisp 100 | \
> ./ -h -t "RID Analysis of 100 Days of #lisp" > lisp-rid.html
17:~/src/RID wiseman$ ./ ruby-lang 100 | \
> ./ -h -t "RID Analysis of 100 Days of #ruby-lang" > ruby-lang-rid.html

Also, Matt Hower has a Ruby version of RID (“A strange man had approached and said, ‘I'm not Slavic.’ Many paranoids begin a conversation with such assertions, vitally important to them, but sounding a bit strange to the rest of us.”).

Posted by jjwiseman at May 24, 2007 01:20 PM
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