June 02, 2005
Lisp NYC's Summer of Code

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The Lisp NYC user group got themselves listed as a sponsor for Google's Summer of Code.

They have a list in-progress of ways you can spend your summer coding Lisp and earning $4500, in case, as wmf says, you were too lazy to start a company:

  • Create a Common Lisp interface to Posix and support it on several Lisp implementations.
  • Port CMUCL's metaobject protocol implementation to SBCL.
  • Create an implementation of SSL in Common Lisp.
  • Create a Common Lisp library that implements the Jabber chat protocol.
  • Work on merging GCL, the GNU Common Lisp implementation, into GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection.
  • Improve the compiler optimizations in SBCL.
  • Improve Closure, a web browser written in Common Lisp. Perhaps integrate JavaScript functionality. The first JavaScript implementation was written in Lisp.
  • Translate a popular Python or Perl library into Common Lisp.
  • Robocup: team strategy modifications based on input, either GA or macro based mods in real-time.
  • Author a non-trivial CLRFI, possibly cross-platform multi-threading.
  • Author a comphrensive HowTo: HowTo [not get] sued given the recent "advancements" in IP and copyright law
  • Additions to electronic music generation software, see MuSIG.
  • What percentage of functions of ANSI Common Lisp are used by production applications? Can it be broken down into the 80/20 rule?
  • Upgrade a Common Lisp system such that it's streams compete with those of Java in features and performance.
  • Add an interesting cross-platform feature to Slime. MOP support? Make it as easy to use as Visual Studio?
  • Make Wikis impervious to today's automated spamming technology while still maintaining openness. Captchas vs community? Document how it may become upsurped.
  • Cross Emacs'es Eshell with Tramp: make eshell work on remote hosts.
  • Implement a Common Lisp MUD that is argeeable to agents but with robust security (not a trivial task), must also be able to use a Jabber for a client front-end.
  • Create a portable, cross-platform user-runnable installer, possibly by combining ASDF and defsystem.
  • Design a higher-math curriculum that would interest [non math oriented] computer-science students.
  • Implement a self-hosted indexing and display system for the Lisp Resource Kit's many different forms and levels of content, including video.
Posted by jjwiseman at June 02, 2005 05:29 PM

The list at lispnyc's page is now considerably less insane.

Posted by: Christophe Rhodes on June 3, 2005 10:06 AM

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