June 13, 2008

Montezuma Moved

it's a montezuma oropendola!

Montezuma, my port of Lucene to Common Lisp, has a new home at Google's code hosting.

Yes, this means it now has a publicly accessible source code repository. If you want commit access, email me.

Also if my Mac mini reboots and I forget to restart trac, you'll still be able to access the project pages. Woo!

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June 12, 2008

Lemonodor Auxiliary Reminder

tactile map for the blind

While this weblog bas been taking a small break, the Lemonodor Auxiliary tumble blog has been pretty busy lately.

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June 03, 2008

Memorial Service for Eric

Moorabbin Airport, Australia.

A memorial service for est has been scheduled for Sunday, June 15, at Cellspace in San Francisco.

RSVP with Ruchira.

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